Tuesday, December 1, 2015


     My next couple of blogs will be about workout. Workouts are a great way for you to start loving your body. I am going to give you 10 reasons to work out. 

     Reason number one, swimsuit season. Just think of the first time you take off your shirt and your in your bikini for this summer. It will feel so great knowing that everyone is looking at you for a good reason. You will pull your shoulders back and stand tall knowing that you look good. Seriously imagine this don't just read it and Move On picture yourself being the one people envy 
   Reason number two somebody but will expect you to quit. If you tell someone you're starting to work out pro reason number to somebody but will expect you to quit. If you tell someone you're starting to work out program they will roll their eyes. Create a list of names of these people.  Write them down and look at these names before deciding to miss a workout
     Reason number three. Think about all the friends that think they're better than you. Some of us were not born naturally fit and some of us were born puny. Don't hate yourself for the way you were born. Don't you hate the fact that everyone else is more fit than you. How will they feel when they realize that you are stronger more defined and more in shape than that I think about that before you skip a workout. 
     Reason number four being strong and being strong is one of the best reasons to work out and that's all I have to say for that one.

     Reason number five feeling good about yourself. We all know that you don't look much different after one week of working out. Isn't it weird though that you suddenly find yourself flexing in the mirror a lot more often. You walk around just feeling better you feel like you look better even if you haven't changed at all. It's a self confidence builder. 
     Reason number six it will feel great when you run into someone you were trying to impress. It will be so fun for them to see how in shape you are. 
     Reason number seven is to succeed in life. I know that sounds weird but honestly better looking people have a chance of getting the best jobs and being respected. This sounds weird but it is true. Lazy looking people are not going to be picked for a job. 
     reason number eight having the dream life. Everybody wants to be rich smart good looking buff tan and happy. Obviously working out won't get you all of those things but it will help you have more energy and feel good about your self.
     Reason number nine is simply going to the gym is fun. You meet new friends that have the same interests as you. 
      Lastly reason number ten is for the opposite sex. This is one of the most common reasons people work out. To look good for the opposite sex.

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