Tuesday, December 1, 2015

New fun ways to love yourself!

     I have recently been brainstorming on ways people can love themselves more.
  I will give you some examples. One way that makes me feel happy is to go and pay for someone else's drink at a coffee place. Start a journal. Starting a journal is a fun way to remember all of the good things in your life and to get all of your anger feelings out on paper so you don't take it out on someone else. Buy a bath bomb. If you don't know what about bomb as it is a fizzy substance that you put in your bath that makes it your favorite color and sparkly. A bath bomb will make you feel so much happier. Go buy yourself some new hair product. Buying yourself to hair product makes you feel so much better I know this for a fact. Call me old friend just to say hi. Hold the door open for a stranger. Invite someone to lunch. Bring cookies to the school. Let someone cut in traffic during rush hour. Leave a waitress or waiter a big tip. Donate to the clothing charity. Wave to a child in the car next to you. Send a thank you note to your doctor. Leave a joke on someone and answering machine. Tell someone you believe in them. Share your umbrella. Write a poem for someone. Make a homemade gift. Let someone else be the last slice of cake or pizza. Send in a copy of a photograph of you and your friend to your friend that you haven't talked to in a while.  Ask someone if they have lost weight. Buy yourself a new make up. 
      I just wanted to put this out there for anyone who has been feeling down I thought this blog post would make a difference. These are all fun ways and easy ways to make your day a little bit better. Because my goal is to make you, a better you.

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