Monday, November 30, 2015


Hey! I have just found the best new shake. I have tried it and I love it! 

     This picture has all of the instructions and pictures of what it will look like. Also it is great for your body! It's a proven fact that  to get the body you want eating healthier is 80% of it and the other twenty percent is exercise. If you eat healthy your body will be better and if your body is better you will love it more! Now think about your self do you love your body? Because if you don't you can work to fix that. This is a small start but you have to start somewhere. All of these smoothies are easy to make with a simple blender and with the ingredients illustrated! I know what it's like to feel bloated and not know where to start! These healthy protein filled shakes will be easy to add to your routine. This is just a quick way to get you on the right step to loving yourself and you're body! 

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